1) What are the civil services? How to get into civil services of India?

Civil Services are jobs like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS etc. directly related to public service and are widely considered prestigious in India. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducts Civil Service Exams for Central Government job vacancies.

2) What is IAS? How To Clear IAS Exam and Become an IAS Officer?

IAS is the short form of Indian Administrative Service. Even though the exam to be undertaken is popularly known as the IAS exam, it is officially called UPSC Civil Services Exam. The UPSC CSE consists of 3 stages – Prelims, Mains, and Interview.

Getting into Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is not easy considering the competition involved, but not impossible for a candidate with right attitude and approach.”

3) Is coaching important?

For a beginner, coaching helps to acquire and assimilate basic knowledge fundamentals of the subject comparatively in a short span of time. Secondly, coaching will provide new insights about the way of preparation as well. Thirdly, interaction with fellow candidates will help one to improve his/her social skills as well as help him/her to learn from others.

4) At which stage one should start preparation?

Ideally one should start preparation at least one year before the preliminary examination.

5) How many hours of study are sufficient?

Quality study of five to seven hours for a period of 1 year is sufficient for a candidate of average intelligence to clear the exam provided, he/she adopts right strategy.

6) Could the civil services questions be answered in the regional languages?

Yes. A candidate can appear in the Mains examination in any of the languages mentioned in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution. However, there is one disadvantage for one who want to write the exam in regional language, given the change in syllabus in the Mains examination, it is difficult for a candidate to find the material in a vernacular language and if it is not available, it is burdensome to translate all the material into his/her regional language.

7) When should one take his/her first attempt irrespective of the fact how many attempts the candidate has?

An average student requires at least one year preparation before his/her first attempt to succeed in the exam. So irrespective of the number of attempts one has he/she should give his/her attempt after thorough preparation of at least one year.